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The Sausage Master

How we started

I started my training in 1973 and after six years passed my degree as Top Master Butcher. From that day, I have built up my own business in the small Bavarian village of Gefall,  which is also my home.


From being a sole trader, forty years on, my two sons Andre and Tobias have followed in my footsteps and both have become Master Butchers.  Over this period I am proud to say that my company has developed into a truly family business, I along with my wife Heidi, other family members also my eighty staff, all have contributed into me succeeding my ambition, in producing very high quality meat and German sausages products containing no additives. 


To this day I now have ten shops supplied by my own abattoir and have built up a strong working relationship over thirty years with my local farmers. I export my products to my smallholding in South East London, from where I also supply top class restaurants in the London area.


Any questions regarding German Sausages or meat products, I can provide full assistance in exclusively creating to your specific requirements, for example with or without spices, peppers, chili, herbs and garlic small, medium or large. Finally I can assure you that from us you will taste the very best in German Wurst.

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